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[Intro: Dom Kennedy]
We ball, we drink
Fuck hoes, rock mink
New watch, gold lirik terjemahan arti indonesia Dom Kennedy - We Ball lyrics download mp3 links
She going down, no teeth

[Verse 1: Dom Kennedy]
LA, that’s me
You wanna meet somebody, ask me
You wanna see somebody, ask me
Ay, I tell her let’s get in the back seat
Yo crew, last week
My niggas, mad deep
My bitch, bad piece
Yo bitch, got bad feet
I pray to God, I never flop
I get a loft, a better spot
Another Rollie, a better watch
I get a plane, and then a yacht
And my haters, let ’em watch
Line ’em up, give ’em shots
Don’t save ’em, just let ’em drop
They said I’d never make it to the top
But we ball, take shots
I won another, it don’t stop
Ya big mouth, a big Glock
I love you all, fuck the cops

[Bridge: x8]
We ball, bust shots

[Verse 2: Kendrick Lamar]
Okay, I’m riding through Leimert, my tires in reverse
I’m lost but I know this foreign navigation works
I made a right on King, I seen a couple skirts
I said “bitch get in but dust them sandals off first”
Okay, I’m doing 105 on 105
Witnesses had said they seen a ball of fire
Bitch I’m tryna president at Jive while you talking jive
All these presidents, won’t be surprised if one came alive
I only fuck with playas and pimps nigga
You a created player like Sims nigga
My cup be filled up to the brim nigga
Yo bitch fixing her chords Dom Kennedy - We Ball lyrics lyrics make-up in my rims nigga
You just target practice
Everybody say they seen it but nobody know what happened
What happened yesterday baby girl fix your mood
Cause I don’t like my head with some attitude
And I don’t like your legs ‘less they at the roof
Pedicure toward the ceiling, mollys in the cabinet too
Pop, pop, pop, popping pussy rather casual
Section 80 paid me ho so this is what I had to do
Ball, cord kord chord Dom Kennedy - We Ball lyrics kunci gitar I ball
Iphone, million dollar missed calls
I hit the bank, withdrawals
I make her plank, with no drawls
Mothafucka I ball

[Outro: Ric Flair]
Just dying for me to go… Woo!

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