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You had it all planned out
you and him together in a big white house
happy ever afters all you dreamed about
nothing could be better cuz
you knew that you could make it through any weather but
things changed when cord kord chord Group 1 Crew - Tonight lyrics kunci gitar he moved away
you were all by yourself through the lonely days
all you could do was pray
then the phone call came (I think we’re heading separate ways)
your heart stopped, and you dropped to your knees god why
is all this happening to me I
understand everything’s not perfect
but you’re there through the worst of it
and lord I hear you say

Tonight let every tear you cry
and everything wrong inside, bring you to me
and I will be your lullaby
cause even in the hardest times
you only need to realize
what you mean to me so let me be your lullaby

I knew a boy from the Southside
him and his friend were inseparable
hung out all day watched football games
wherever one went the other would go
but one night he got a phone call
something happened that chords Group 1 Crew - Tonight lyrics lyrics brought tears to his face
There was an accident
we tried lirik terjemahan arti indonesia Group 1 Crew - Tonight lyrics download mp3 to save your friend but it was too late
Why is all this happening, I just lost my only friend
I need to know I’m not alone, I can hear you gently whisper
They say if life gives you lemons make lemonade
bittersweet is the tune it likes to play
were all instruments played on a different day
like a symphony like a symphony
we’re born married into life and there’s no divorce
sometimes we’re powerless to change the course and
the innocent pay the cost
we all mourn the loss, we all mourn the loss

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