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[Alix Lapri]
Da da da
I Have arrived
(wolf Pack)

It’s like now that I have Arriven
everybody so interested in the way that I’m livin’
they be like what kind of car you got
I be like I was driven
everybody in my pockets
everybody give me tension
and I barely got a penny for them to be penny pinchin
and they hangin’ from my sack I ain’t wit all of that lynchin
I remember my momma always told me to cord kord chord Issa Thompson - Arriven lyrics kunci gitar pay attention
they gon’ get chu when they can even yo fam not to mention
Sometimes I wanna break intermission
always cookin’ up that crack music I stay up in the kitchen
I just do what I wanna cause I got gods permission
they just on the screen to be seen like video vixens
tired of the lies told tired of the butt kissin
I got every thing I need but they telling me what I’m missin
they talkin’ in my ear but I don’t even listen
my family here from the beginning so they here when it’s endin
they hoppin’ on the band wagon here cause I’m WINNING
and I just pray that the lord forgive me for my sinnin
I just wish that god never gave the devil the industry
they wanna stop what I started well they gone have to finish me
the way I’m preachin’ on the track you’ll thought I joined a ministry
even if I’m a one hit wonder I bet they’ll remember me
I would never fall these haters tryna September me
lately I been havin’ lots of mixed emotions
like if I stopped all the rapping will it kill all the commotion
my record label barely help me out with the promotion
the only thing that keep me going every day is the devotion
my style rubbin’ off on you rappers like it was lotion
label actin’ like a doctor tellin’ me be patient
just to think a few years ago we was on plantations
so I celebrate my freedom and chords Issa Thompson - Arriven lyrics lyrics take my family on vacation
don’t thank me thank my mom for the child that she raisin
I could be behind bars probably visitation
instead I’m flyin’ DELTA traveling around the nation
this is just a warnin’ for you rappers a situation
and I’m just makein’ up for all the time that they waistin
but the way I’m goin’ in you thought the times what I was facin
and you was dead right hard times what I’m facin
can’t even leave my house I feel like I’m on probation
screamin’ girls every where ’cause my record in rotation
haters keep my rollin’ like Kelly they motivation
have no specific topic for this rap that I have written
but I just wanted to let you know that I have Arriven
I lirik terjemahan arti indonesia Issa Thompson - Arriven lyrics download mp3 just wanted to let you know that I have Arriven
I just wanted to let you know that I have Arriven
I’m Gone

[Alix Lapri]
DJ Key
Shout out to the whole Team ISSA
shout out to my whole Wolf Pack family
Crime world family
shout out to coach k
shout out to Christina
shout out to everybody that supports the whole Team ISSA Movement

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